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The International Foundation for Rural Development (hereinafter ‘the Foundation’) is a Belarusian non-profit organization registered in Belarus

The Foundation’s mission is to assist local communities in the development and implementation of economic, environmental and social projects designed to improve the quality of life in rural areas being guided by the principles of partnership:

  • all define the problem;
  • all contribute to the finding of a solution to the problem;
  • all contribute to the resolution of the problem;
  • all share the responsibility for the outcome;
  • all benefit from the change.

Date of establishment of the Foundation: January 25, 2008

Target group:

  • private smallholdings, artisans and farmsteads (micro-businesses);
  • private entrepreneurs, farms and other legal forms of private and communal property organizations engaged in production, processing and servicing, including those in the tourism sector (small and medium businesses);
  • schools, colleges, museums and other social and environmental institutions dealing with social and environmental problems thus making a significant contribution to the territorial development;
  • non-profit organizations pursuing the goals also prioritized by the Foundation;
  • local, district, regional and national authorities.

The Foundation’s aims to:

  • capacity building of the target groups on:
  • technologies to produce commodities and services in agriculture (livestock, vegetable etc.) and other sectors of the economy;
  • economics and management of agro-farms and other rural businesses;
  • development and implementation of specific strategies and programs (tourism, vegetable farming, cheese production), as well as the sustainable development of rural areas (village, district);
  • creation entities for local rural development (foundations, cooperatives, centers for development, adult education centers, micro-crediting, repayable funds, etc.).
  • assist the target groups on:
  • information and advisory support (consultancy, education, etc.);
  • financial support (grants, loans, guarantees);
  • legal backing.
  • designing, implementation and administration of projects and programs at the request of the Foundation’s target groups.

The Foundation has implemented 18 projects with the budgets ranging from 800 to 300,000 euros.

The projects were financially supported by FERT Association (France), the UNDP, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, OSCE Office in Minsk, Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program, Support Program for Belarus of the Federal Government of Germany, European Commission, U.S. Embassy Small Grants Program, CNFA Office in Belarus, and other organizations and individuals.

The Foundation employs five officers with two to 20-year experience in the field of the rural development. About a dozen Belarusian experts cooperate with the Foundation on a short-term basis. The Foundation officers constantly improve their skills participating in conferences, seminars and education programs inside and outside Belarus (Ukraine, France, the U.S., Germany, Poland, Latvia, etc.).

The administrative personnel ensure the effective management of the Foundation. Belarusian and foreign auditors regularly monitor financial operations of the Foundation.

The Foundation is managed by the Executive Board. The Supervisory Board of the Foundation performs the auditing functions. The financial assets of the Foundation (loans, subsidies, etc.) are managed by the Advisory Committee.

Siarhei Tarasiuk, Director, is in charge of the operational management of the Foundation.